Alexander Sprekenhus is a Norwegian skin care brand with a unique story. Sprekenhus is inspired by the island community of Vega in Northern Norway, where the interaction between humans and nature has given Vega status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Combining tradition with innovation, and unlocking the benefits of high quality Argan oil, Sprekenhus has created a skin care range that provide a long-lasting sense of well-being.


The Argan oil is frequently used in our formulations. It´s vegan properties stem from the fruits of the Argan tree. 

Due to its special contents, Argan oil has numerous beneficial properties for humans. The oil consists of 80% unsaturated fat along with 8 essential fatty acids and suits all skin types.

The argan oil is deeply moisturizing which, among other things, tightens the skin and provides an anti-aging effect.


Awareness and being present in the moment is one of our strengths and we pride ourselves on our tradition for intuition and trust, which allows new thoughts and ideas emerge. We thoughtfully evaluate new formulations and design.


With a passionate desire to inspire healthy skin-care habits and share a personal approach to well-being, Alexander Sprekenhus has developed a range that nourish your skin, hair and way of thinking.

This is how Alexander Sprekenhus is more than skin-care.