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Artist Collaborations

Sprekenhus is a brand that values the blend of artistry and form. By partnering with artists, together we enhance the creative process and infuse objects with more profound emotions and significance. This collaboration is a tribute to creativity, craftsmanship, and the strength of united perspectives on presenting scents. Explore our latest joint effort with artists that genuinely encapsulates the spirit of Sprekenhus. Now introducing our latest collaboration with artist Kaja Dahl.



In an enchanting blend of art and sensibility, Alexander Sprekenhus has embarked on its first artist collaboration with the accomplished designer and sculptor, Kaja Dahl. Dahl, known for her innovative and evocative creations, has designed an exclusive sculptural collection with Sprekenhus.

Kaja Dahl expresses, “I am captivated by the typology of fragrance objects. Through my art, I delve into how materials and sculptures can encapsulate fragrances, thereby enriching the sensuality of our environment.”

The genius of Dahl’s work lies in the harmonious fusion of delicate porcelain with both raw and polished stone. These fragrance sculptures are crafted such that the porous material absorbs and gradually releases the perfume oils into the ambiance. The diffuser designed for Sprekenhus perfectly exemplifies this, with the fragrance oil gently drizzled onto the porcelain ball, which elegantly rests on a carved larvikite dish.

Marking the inauguration of their flagship store at Eger in Oslo, and heralding the launch of the Home fragrance Diffuser line, both Sprekenhus and Dahl have showcased an installation featuring these alluring fragrance sculptures, inclusive of the new sculptural masterpiece, the diffuser "ØY" (ISLAND) "Flacon" no1 - no20


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