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Sprekenhus Story

Sprekenhus is a Norwegian unisex body care and fragrance brand based in Oslo, founded in 2010 by Alexander Eggum. The journey started with a collection of hair care products which still is a part of the brand today. Since then, Sprekenhus has expanded the collection to include hand- and body care products, home fragrances and fragrances.

The name Sprekenhus originates from Alexander’s grandfather, born in the ancient landscape of Vega, an archipelago in Norway and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inspired by the nature of Vega and the family roots connected to the island, Alexander started translating this into products. The connection to Vega is an essential part of the brand’s DNA.

The Creative Process

At Sprekenhus, our creative process is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, inspired by the rich landscapes of Norway and Alexander's familial heritage. Concepts evolve into tangible luxuries through meticulous collaboration with skilled technicians and craftspeople. From inception to completion, we carefully fuse natural, ethically-sourced ingredients using cutting-edge technology and time-honored techniques. The result is a collection of iconic, sensory-enhancing products that contribute meaningfully to their surroundings. It’s not just bodycare or fragrance—it’s an evolving universe of timeless artistry.

Sprekenhus celebrates the fusion of art and function. In collaboration with artists like Kaja Dahl, we deepen the emotional impact and meaning of our creations. This partnership elevates craftsmanship and showcases the power of collective vision in scent design. Discover our latest artistic collaboration today.


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