The creative process lies at the heart of SPREKENHUS. Meticulous attention to detail and curiosity transcends every creation. The art of combining tradition and innovation drives our process and cultivation. 



1. Ingredients

SPREKENHUS use only high quality natural ingredients and select those with a proven safety and efficacy. The ethically sourced, anti-oxidant rich ingredients have powerful properties that enhance and nourish skin. Anti-oxidants unlocks the potential in our formulations. Rich in vitamins, Argan Oil, our signature ingredient, has been sought after for use in skincare for centuries. 




2. Design

The secret to our powerful monochromatic look is a journey to keep a simple yet interesting design. The timeless black text on white background creates an emblematic expression. Our design process is based on a purposeful approach. We evaluate both aesthetic and functional properties and make thoughtful choices. Sprekenhus expresses itself with scents, graphical and sensorial creations. Each design is meant to contribute to its surroundings and purpose. 




‘In a polite society, a well maintained skincare routine is one of life’s great successes.’ VIOLET GREY

3. Manufacturing

Sprekenhus use that of a traditional manufacturing process combined with innovative equipment when blending formulations.

From capitals in a notebook to a finalised formulation in the laboratory, natural ingredients are blended and put together using state of the art technology. Every step of the process is considered and controlled. 

The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: four perfect movements in harmony with each other.’ ARTUR RUBENSTEIN

4. Sustainability

We strive for and will continue to do our best to reduce our impact on the environment. The Sprekenhus manufacturing plant manufacturing the most of our products is powered by solar panels. We advocate the use of natural ingredients and exclude harsh chemicals. The utilitarian packaging has been designed to have the necessary information on a single label to reduce the need for an outer carton on products where this is possible. SPREKENHUS´s Dark glass offers the ingredients UV protection and diminishes spoilage. 


We wish to contribute to a more sustainable future, and we have launched refill solutions for our hotel customers and private customers. Nature is not only our source of life, but also our biggest inspiration.


5. Collaboration

We believe in sourcing the best ideas and collectively curating thought through concepts. We have a strong team of dynamic individuals, relying on each other's skills and believing in positive change. 

6. Fragrances

Living through the senses is beautiful. Art, music, textures and fragrances are all part of creating this universe of sensory experiences. Scientists have found that emotions can be remembered through fragrance, which is why scents are so powerful. The unique selection process when choosing notes is handled with the utmost care collaborating with experts in their field. We love to find the notes that evoke curiosity that give way to beautiful memories.