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Wick Trimmer

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Designed to help maximize the candle’s burning potential. Trimming and straightening the wick helps to candle to burn more evenly, dispersing the luxurious aroma better.

How to use

Using a wick trimmer is essential for maintaining your candle's health and optimizing its burn performance. To get the most out of your wick trimmer, follow these steps:

Wait for the wax to solidify: After burning your candle, allow the wax to cool down and solidify completely. Trimming a warm or wet wick can lead to a mess or potential damage.

Measure the wick: Ideally, the wick should be about 1/4 inch long. If it's too long, it might produce an overly large, unstable flame or generate excessive smoke.

Trim the wick: Place the wick trimmer at the base of the wick, ensuring it's angled flush with the wax. Squeeze the trimmer to clip the wick, then carefully remove the excess length.

Center the wick: Adjust the wick gently, either with your fingers or a tool, to ensure it's centred within the candle. This promotes an even burn and prevents the glass container from overheating on one side.

Discard the trimmed wick: Always remove the clipped wick from the candle to avoid potential fire hazards.

Wick Trimmer

259,00 NOK Regular price 370,00 NOK


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