Home Fragrance Diffuser 150ml - Courage

650,00 kr
Enrich your environment with our Courage diffuser. Filled with 150ml of scented oil, its unique blend of patchouli, watermelon, amber, and musk permeates your space, taking you on an olfactory journey. Housed in our signature brown glass and complemented by diffuser sticks, this diffuser embodies the essence of courage and exploration.
How to use

The scent sticks give a delicious scent without turning them. If you want more intensity, you can turn the sticks depending on how much scent you want.

Enjoy the delicious scent for several months at a time and combine it with scented candles to enhance the overall experience.


Top: lemon zest, cotton blossoms, cinnamon.
Mid: vanilla, white flowers, rose.
Bottom: sandalwood, musk, whitewood.

Home Fragrance Diffuser 150ml - Courage

650,00 NOK


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