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SPREKENHUS diffuser desember 2022


Handmade editions by Kaja Dahl for Sprekenhus. 

This is the third piece Dahl creates for Sprekenhus. Since 2020 every holiday season Dahl has created a new unique home diffuser piece, ØY in Larvikitt and porcelain 2020, a sculpture of lava stone and brass in 2021 and for this edition a vessel in porcelain with binchotan coal. All pieces are unique pieces made by Kaja Dahl only available at Sprekenhus.


«Flacon» no1 - no20


Flacon is the simples way of describing a vessel or bottle made to contain fragrance. Perfume bottles have been around for over 3000 years. Traditionally they where made in a simple vase shape out of colored glass. From this early practice of blowing unique bottles in the shape of a flower vase comes the inspiration for the lates addition to the handmade diffuser collection by Kaja Dahl for Sprekenhus. Unique vessels in porcelain reminiscing of a vase, a flower just before it blooms.


Only 20 pieces will be by hand of this edition. Made in porcelain with a transparent glaze inside and dripped on the outside. Every piece is numbered and signed. A piece of binchotan coal enables the perfume oils to be diffused into your space.


Definition of Flacon:

a small stoppered bottle, especially one for perfume.

How to use+

To maximize your diffuser coal you can let it set in the oil and turn it around. The effect of any room fragrance is affected by the size of a space, the temperature and the strength of the oils you use. One binchotan will usually have a long durability, but it is recommended to use it for only one blend of oils. It can be rinsed it with hot water. Rapid shift of of very high to low temperature might break your binchotan coal piece

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