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Home Fragranced Diffusers

Elevate your home with Sprekenhus Home Fragrance Diffusers. Crafted with our signature scents, they provide a continuous and elegant aroma, creating a welcoming and serene atmosphere in any room.

Our Fragrances

Amber Infatuation

The Amber Infatuation scent would likely have a complex and intriguing aroma, combining spicy, citrusy, herbal, floral, and earthy notes with a warm, creamy undertone. 

Bally Oud

Bally Out is inspired by the timeless allure of the desert dunes and intrigued by the stories of Oud, a resin prized for its rich, dark, and deeply captivating aroma, I wanted to create an unclassifiable and rare essence. Mystical and intense, with its leathery, spicy, floral and woody accents, I absolutely tried to shape a monumental fragrance. 


Courage explores notes of rich fruity fragrance before it embodies warm and sweet aromatics, mirroring the essence of courage. Introducing bold scents patchouli, watermelon, shaped with raspberry before it diffuses into warm amber and musk. Reach its depth of vanilla, caramel, and licorice. 

Love is Blind

Create an aura of inspiration and love with Love Is Blind’s alluring notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and orange. Explore its spicy mid notes of pink pepper, patchouli, geranium and neroli before reaching its depth of vetiver, cedarwood, moss and musk. 


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