Why is the bathroom the most important room in the house?

The art of bathroom design.
Published: 16/05/2018 Updated: 17/05/2018

Not only is it where you start and finish the day, but the average person spends one and a half years of their lifetime in the bathroom.


It’s so easy to forget how important a role the bathroom plays in our life.


Showering, washing your hair, relaxing in a bath are wonderful habits that  provide such a positive impact on our mood when we start the day and are great for winding us down at the end of the day. 


We can enhance the quality of our life by enjoying small daily indulgences, such as taking an extra five minutes to care for yourself by focusing on your skincare regime.


The sanctuary of a bathroom can provide a well-deserved rest for the mind as well as the body.


The bathroom is the one room where you can switch off from the outside world and be alone with your thoughts.


A warm, oil infused bath is a wonderful place to reflect on the day’s trials and tribulations and plan for the day ahead, to cleanse, relax and indulge.


When traveling, there is always a high expectation when you arrive at a hotel you have never stayed at before, to open the bathroom door of your room, rush in and immediately take-in how all

the bathroom amenities are displayed. Typically, with such high-quality amenities laid out in an irresistible way for your convenience and temptation.


At Sprekenhus we hope to be a part of your daily indulgence, to help your wellbeing, to start and finish every-day in a positive and revitalising way. Bringing balance, with relaxing botanical fragrances and formulations that can turn your bathroom into an oasis for the mind and the body.


And don’t forget when you invest in your bathroom you are also investing in the value of your property.