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Alexander Sprekenhus invites designer and sculptor Kaja Dahl to her first artist collaboration. Kaja Dahl has designed an exclusive sculptural handmade diffuser for Sprekenhus, «ØY» (ISLAND).

«I am interested in the fragrance object typology. In my art, I explore how materials and sculptures can carry scents and thus contribute to more sensuality in our surroundings »Kaja Dahl

In the meeting between delicate porcelain and raw and polished stone, Dahl creates fragrance sculptures where porous material holds perfume oils and exhales them into the room. This is also how the diffuser for Sprekenhus has taken shape, where the fragrance oil is dripped on the porcelain ball that rests on the sculpted larvikite dish.

On the occasion of their first store located at Eger in Oslo, and the launch of their Home fragrance Diffuser line, Sprekenhus and Dahl show an installation with fragrance sculptures and their new sculptural object, the diffuser «ØY» (ISLAND).


Kaja has selected, and picked up, Larvikite stone from Larvik. The stone is sawn and cut by hand, and designed according to Kaja Dahl's design.

Furthermore, the work is sandblasted with the signature of Kaja Dahl, and Sprekenhus' logo.

Combined with hand-sculpted spheres in white and gray porcelain, dripped with scented oil, this is a perfect combination of Sprekenhus' iconic scents and local art.

You can follow Kaja Dahl, and her beautiful works at:

Instagram: @kaja_dahl

How to use+

The porcelain ball is dripped with fragrance oil obtained via Sprekenhus. You can use either Pure Diffuser Oil or fragrance from the Home Fragrance Diffusers.
This allows you to choose from four great scents to your liking, and let the piece of art deliver an enriching scent to your room.

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