Jul 01, 2019

The art of waxing lyrical on our exclusive handmade scented candles

Candles that add a special touch to any home. 
Published: Jul 01, 2019 Updated: Jul 02, 2019

The brand Sprekenhus was founded in 2010, in Oslo, Norway and follows Scandinavian traditions where functional design meets beauty in simplicity, even when it comes to the humble candle.


Scented candles


We have created a range of candles made exclusively by hand that wows in the formulation of its fragrance and its wonderful minimalist design. 

With gentle, yet effective formulations and an eye for the value of keeping design simple, we believe in creating a range of products that look fantastic in any setting. 


Crafted from natural wax and housed in a handmade mouth blown glass vessel from cold cut glass, our candle's design and rich scent adds a wonderful ambience to any room and makes an impressive gift


All our candles are housed in a simple white Sprekenhus presentation box, wrapped in tissue paper, ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed.


Details big and small


We have selected the finest wicks that we fasten to the bottom of the glass, straightened by hand and then we leave the wax to set. We use the annealing arches to ensure the candles surface remains smooth and then after they are checked we add the Sprekenhus label to the glass vessel.


Our wax has been sourced for its exceptional quality and has a burn time of approximately 40 hours, we focus on using selected raw materials that reflect our values to work with nature.


Every aspect of Sprekenhus is built with a passion for quality and focusing on all the details – big or small.


The perfume


The aromatic scents from our range of candles will fill your room with rich aromas, shaped with intense fragrances from nature.


The deep heady notes embody the character of nature, finding the perfect balance of high-quality raw materials and the art for creating an enchanting experience.


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How to enjoy your candle


The first time you light a scented candle let it burn for 2-3 hours so the surface becomes liquid this will prevent an uneven surface.


Trim the wick regularly with our special Sprekenhus wick trimmer to avoid it smoking or overheating.


Remember to make sure the wick is upright before extinguishing it and do not relight a candle when there is less than 5mm of wax remains or metal wick base is visible. 

It’s always good advice not to move a burning candle, never leave it unattended and keep out of reach of children.


Sprekenhus create skin, hair and body care products with gentle, yet effective formulations with a focus on minimalist design. Based on beautiful and functional design, from our product formulations to the box they arrive in.