Mar 20, 2019


A timeless approach to beauty - Sprekenhus presents its newest visuals representing skin care and beauty with an artistic touch. 
Published: Mar 20, 2019 Updated: Mar 28, 2019

As Spring starts to unfurl it changes in temperature - jumping from grey skies and rain to radiant blue skies and sunshine, it’s a great time of year to head outdoors, to take in new places and explore different cities.


After a long winter, London is just waking up with colour and life. The coming months are some of the best times of year to be in London, not least because the city is in bloom and there’s a special energy and buzz that embraces you.


For me I always enjoy being in London in Springtime, to make the most of the mild weather and longer days, soaking up the first rays of sun and enjoying that London vibe.


On a recent trip we planned our latest model shoot, transforming a wealth of creative ideas into imagery that portrays a core value for the Sprekenhus brand, understated natural beauty.


The end result was fantastic, images that amplified our Scandinavian roots, combining timeless natural beauty and the simplicity of our approach with an artistic touch.



Everything from the lighting, to the model and the atmosphere captured by the photographer delivered what we set out to do, to present our brand essence. Simplicity and beauty combined in harmony and joy.



I loved the whole process from researching, planning, to the execution and production of the shoot – being a part of the process from beginning to end.



The London crew were: 


Photography: Barry Craske


Model: Tamina @ Milk


Make up: Emma Broom


Hair: Tori Hutchninson


Post production: Roo Mcquarie


We take just as much care with the Sprekenhus skin care line, which means you don't have to compromise on taking care of your skin. We’ve never used ingredients from animal sources, use artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.


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