What is light?

Sprekenhus design is a tribute to light.
Published: 25/04/2018 Updated: 25/04/2018

Not all questions need a verbal answer, our images are the result of us playing with light.


Light is a natural agent, that allows us to see, illuminating what is around us.  Both mysterious in its reflection and convenient in its use.



What is light? We can see how light carries itself when a beam goes through a dust-filled room or when a rainbow appears. It´s beautiful and carries energy and warmth.


When we design our products, we target all the senses of our customers.


The depth of light around us has a direct influence on our mood, with 80 per cent of the sensory information the brain receives coming from our eyes.


How we use light can help us to highlight particular elements or product qualities, impacting our senses, what we think of a product, and ultimately what we feel when we use it.


Einstein asked, “if one runs after light and manages to catch up, what happens?”. It might not be that easy to answer, but as a tribute to light we have tried to display some of its beautiful characteristics.


In our designs, we let it help us enforce our minimalist contrast-rich design, full of clean lines and a modern, up-to-the-minute feel.



Light, with our products helps us to convey an exclusive atmosphere that leaves our customers we hope, feeling content and pampered.


Enjoy your "through the light" experience, and explore the design of our products.