Design for better experiences

Thoughtful design can both have an immediate impact and a lasting one.
Published: 24/04/2018 Updated: 25/04/2018

Experience tells us how design can affect our mood, mind-set and behaviour.


What it takes is a balanced thought process and intuitive feel about what materials, colours and textures you need to combine in order to achieve a favourable outcome.


How do you know what looks good or not? Everyone interprets differently, which results in not everyone liking the same thing.


It would be a pretty boring if we only had one particular design in mind, the more differences we have in terms of taste and preferences, then the wider choice of products are made available.


It’s only through having to meet new demands or improve on what we have made that we become more innovative or experimental in our approach to design.


Devoting energy and a creative strategy to the design process we believe it is possible to create something that is aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time.


Thoughtful design can both have an immediate impact to satisfy a desire and a lasting one as a thing of beauty becomes a part of your everyday routine.


The Sprekenhus passion is to inspire good skin care habits and embrace a positive approach to your wellbeing, and design as an emotion contributes to the feeling our customers have when they use our products.


We use the same care and attention on the look and feel of our products as we do in their formulations, focusing on minimalist design to enhance the experience.