A philosophy to skin care

Skin is the filter through which we sift and absorb all that surrounds us. Changes in climate, pollutants, medications and other skin stressors upset its delicate composure, and can bring about unwanted changes. Skin is permeable, and as mercurial as our moods.

 Sprekenhus´s philosophy is to care, protect and not obsess. It is founded on an understanding that the wellbeing of your skin is the product of nourishment, protection, and a thoughtfully-composed way of life.

Urban living

Among other stressors, daily life in a polluted, urban environment exposes our skin to free radicals and fine particulates. Anti-oxidant-rich products can help to fortify against pollutants and other aggressors. Evening cleansing rituals also become increasingly important to clear the skin of city living.

Jedes Produkt in unserer Hautpflegereihe enthält Petersiliensamenextrakt – ein Antioxidantischer Inhaltsstoff der hoch schützende Eigenschaften hat.

Having ‘dry’ skin is different to having ‘dehydrated’ skin – even though many of us use the terms interchangeably. Dry skin is characterised by a lack of oil (or sebum), whereas dehydrated skin results from a lack of water or moisture.

The air we breathe

Air-conditioning and heating are both dehydrating conditions that interfere with the skin’s protective moisture barrier, causing it to dry out. The application of products with an emollient barrier can seal in hydration, and prevent water loss. In humid environments, lightweight hydrators such as lotions and serums may be more suited for certain skin types.

‘In a polite society, a well maintained skincare routine is one of life’s great successes.’ VIOLET GREY


We encourage to continuously learn about what works for you and your environment. There are different environments and there are different skin types, all need their own approach. Finding your way requires adjusting and trying different dosages, times and order.  

The seasons are what a symphony ought to be:four perfect movements in harmony with each other.’ Artur Rubenstein

Skin through the seasons

As the seasons transition, it is necessary to look for ways to adapt skin care rituals, and to pay particular attention to the skin’s behaviour. Gentle products with hydrating properties can provide a guiding hand to the skin as the weather shifts between the cooler and warmer months.

‘Beauty is the wonder of wonders.’ OSCAR WILDE

Stress and the surface

During times of stress the body produces more cortisol which can unduly affect the skin. Busy periods may also cause us to skip our usual skin care routine, and can exacerbate issues. We must pay attention to our skin; understand the signs that it is stressed, dehydrated or in need of additional nourishment and respond quickly to modify our routine.

A calming routine before bed, as well as a warm shower or bath (where the body is briefly heated up before laying down) may enhance both the quantity and quality of rest, and enable skin to assume a calm equilibrium.

’ Don´t compromise on yourself, you´re all you´ve got. ’ JANIS JOPLIN


When you have access to the full skin care line, you will be able to take care of your skin no matter where you are. Especially for the days where you are active a good idea is to cleanse both at morning and during the evening so you give your skin time to recover before all externalities kick in again.